What's New

2-2-19 Updated Blog with my review of Terraforming Mars: Venus Next

5-3-17 Updated the Rules page for the 2017 KublaCon Event.

5-14-17 Happy Mother's Day! I have updated the available loaner lists for my KublaCon Event. The can be found here.  We did a dress rehearsal playtest yesterday. Details and pictures can be found here. I updated Blog with an update on where thing are at.

5-4-17 May the 4th be with you! We playtested the Asteroid portion of the KublaCon Scenario. I updated Blog with a discussion of what happened.

5-3-17 Updated the Rules page with a couple of corrections from our playtest.

5-1-17 Updated Blog with Progress on the Event and I also updated the Rules page

4-21-17 Updated Blog with Progress on the Event

4-20-17 Created the event page for the 2017 Kublacon Epic X-Wing Event

4-18-17 Updated my Blog with new event updates

4-17-17 Updated my Blog with new event updates

2-28-17 Created a page that has a list of available forces available to players who do not want to bring their own 100 point list to the Kublacon 2017 Scenario.

2-27-17 Updated Blog with Progress on the Event

2-20-17 Submitted the 2017 X-wing Event to the Kublacon Website. You can see it here: 40,000 Credits

More information to come soon. Check back here often for updates.

2-1-17 here is a link to pictures of last year's Kublacon Event X-Wing Interdiction. Check back soon for details on our 2017 X-wing Event

5-26-16 The day before KublaCon and getting the last minute things taken care of. Post all of the stats for the Frigate and update the event page with location information.

5-16-16 Updated my blog

5-12-16 Updated my blog and added the stat sheet for the Imperial Frigate

5-7-16 Added the critical damage chart for the Imperial Frigate

5-5-16 More update to my blog with more progress information about my X-Wing Event

5-2-16 updated blog with progress information about my X-Wing Event

5-1-16 Added details for my X-Wing KublaCon Event 

4-16-12 Updated my blog.

3-20-12 Updated my blog.

12-28-09 Updated my blog.

11-29-09 Updated my blog.

11-16-09 Updated my blog.

11-13-09 You might have noticed that the logo has changed a bit. With all of the IP nonsense and C&D letters that have been flying around I decided that I had better head that trouble off at the pass and change it. I will come up with something a little better in the near future. But for the time being this is it.

9-6-09 Started the Gnome Wars Picture page here.

7-2-09 Updated My Blog and a few other house keeping items. Posted the rules that Corey Somavia and I came up with for the Thracians on the Rules page.

1-12-09 Added an events section so you can find out about all of the events that we are doing in the near future.

1-6-09 I have been adding stuff to my Blog about the Wargods Mega Battle at Game Kastle.

12-22-08 Added a couple of Marder III's in the items for sale.

12-19-08 I am temporarily hosting Darksons AEWW2 Over the Wire #9 the download page can be found here.

12-15-08 Add some new items for sale Also I have added an Infinity Ariadna Gallery and another Mid East Buildings Gallery

12-10-08 Added pictures of some mid east 15mm buildings that I have built.

12-6-08 Added more links to the link section and added updates to my blog.

12-5-08 Added a bunch of stuff to the Items for Sale Page. Added the Urban War Syntha page

12-4-08 Added Wargods Cryptlords Harbinger and Assassin to the gallery section. Added Urban War Triads to the Gallery Section.

12-3-08 added Rezolution Dravanni and Robots and Wargods Sebeki to the Gallery section

12-2-08 added rules for Minoan Archers for Wargods to the Rules Section


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